Ross Karre Arts Documentation (rKAD, for short) is a freelance collective of contemporary musicians, dancers, and film makers who specialize in recording concerts with ultra high definition video and hi fidelity professional audio capture. Since 2012, this collective has been building a large archive of contemporary music. This site serves as the repository for this archive. For more information, visit

Eckardt, Jason: Tongues (2001)

Eckardt, Jason: Subject (2011)

Eckardt, Jason: Paths of Resistance (1997)

Messiaen, Olivier (1908 - 1992): Olivier Messiaen: Louange a... (2014)

Hearne, Ted: Ted Hearne: Furtive Movements (2013)

Thomas, Agusta Read: Resounding Earth (2012)

Felipe Lara | Lara, Felipe: Tiento (2013)

Soper, Kate: Voices from the Killing Jar (2012)