"In his 2006 book, The Accidental Masterpiece, Michael Kimmelman describes art as “points of contact with the exceptional that are linked straight to the heart”. It is from this space and point of departure that State of the Art (2015), written for the Atlanta-based Chamber Cartel, was conceived. What is happening at the core of the work is a reframing of youtube videos, and their authors actions, both as material for composition and as ‘accidental’ art. A collection of three movements, State of the Art explores three distinctly different videos and similarly three modes of expression, notation, and organization. ASMR exposes the primarily youtube sub-culture phenomena of a physiological response known as Audio Sensory Meridian Response and emphasizes its creators as artists who are looking for the same liberation of sound with the same curiosity that drives innovative musicians and sound artists. Super Sayian is an extension and encapsulation of the raw energy and honest effort of a teenager trying become super-human. Prancercise highlights the genuine absurdity and conviction of Joanna Rohrback’s not-so-popular exercise revolution. It is through translation, contextualization, and extension of these ‘points of contact’ that this work locates material and function. Embedded as a message in this work is also the sentiment that art, especially within a platform such as youtube, is very much democratized and as such should undergo a transformation of how it is created, engaged, and critiqued"

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