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Brown, Griffin: Reunion (2018)

McBane, Matt: Submerge (2018)

Bandera, Carlos: in pace (2017)

Bandera, Carlos: Anachronismus (2018)

Bandera, Carlos: Spirare (2018)

Rinn, Alexa: A Transient Place (2015)

Rinn, Alexa: Movement for Wind Orchestra (2018)

Bandera, Carlos: Lux in Tenebris (2018)

Seltenreich, Michael: Schnaim (2016)

Seltenreich, Michael: ICD-10 Chapter V: Mental and behavioral... (2018)

Seltenreich, Michael: Sparks and Flares (2011)

Davies, Olivia Bettina: The Shape of Breath (2018)