In addition to the aforementioned instrumentation, live performance of this piece includes the video itself along with electronic audio samples. These are played via a Max/MSP/Jitter patch that allows a live projectionist to speed up or slow down the video to ensure sync with the musicians at the proper junctures (as well as adjust brightness/contrast, etc). The electronic audio samples are triggered automatically as the video passes the appropriate time during playback. Additionally, the violin should be amplified, with some amount of delay added.
In the Darkness is an unsettling and fascinating exploration of a potential personal apocalypse. The explosive score, for drumset, percussion, bass, piano, and violin, draws equally from the traditions of contemporary classical music, progressive rock, and film soundtracks. Weaving bits and pieces of mid-20th century public domain film footage into an entirely new abstract narrative, In the Darkness is a unique visual and audio experience that addresses issues of existential confusion, inner conflict and self- destructive behavior, sanity, perception of reality, and mortality. Music and Film composed by Howie Kenty