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Vigeland, Nils: Reading

Steiger, Rand: Template (2013)

Steiger, Rand: coalescence

Pintscher, Matthias: Study II for Treatise on the Veil (2006)

Sorey, Tyshawn: New York/Copenhagen (2013)

Wu, Yiheng Yvonne: Utterance (2007)

Olencki, Weston: wavelet raster (2018)

Peck, Charles: Sunburst (2016)

Wu, Yiheng Yvonne: Dreams of a Young Piano (2014/2016) (2016)

Davis, Owen: n2 for violin and tenor saxophone (2015)

Myers, Aaron Jay: For The World Is Hollow And I Have... (2017)

Brook, Taylor: Amalgam (2015)