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Besingrand, Jean-Patrick: Konohana (2017)

Niederhoffer, Jeff: Botch Patch Repose Asunder for Violin,... (2018)

Victoria Cheah: I watched her smile her hand

Smørdal, Jan Martin: (herd)STUDY (2016)

Seglias, Zesses: To the Lighthouse (2017)

Jenkins, Noah: Drift Plain (2018)

Asuroglu, Utku: Aggravation (2014)

Zhang, Hangrui: Rough Start (2018)

Zhang, Hangrui: Baltimore Prelude

Rinn, Alexa: A Transient Place (2015)

Chen, Carolyn: We were dead and we could breathe (2017)

Stephenson, Alex: Paths and Panels (2016)