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Fahey, Peter: To the Woman Going Up the Escalator at... (2017)

Stafylakis, Harry: Never the Same River (2013)

Dougherty, William: the new normal (2017)

Jung, Hunjoo: GESTALT(Discursive Unities) for Large... (2017)

Sabzghabaei, Daniel: Four Glimpses of Desire (چهار... (2016)

Navarro, Fernanda: Pink (2014)

Navarro, Fernanda: Otherness (2014)

Navarro, Fernanda: Parthenogenesis (2012)

Navarro, Fernanda: Consolo na Praia (2010)

White, LJ: Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (2005)

White, LJ: Space (2011)

White, LJ: Labor Day (2011)