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Haering, Nathaniel: Dissever (2017)

Haering, Nathaniel: Dissever (2017)

Iturra, Jeremías: Reverse Tracking Shot (2015)

Besingrand, Jean-Patrick: Konohana (2017)

Gutierrez Martinez Andres: Grain (2018)

Barrows, Cameron | Cseh, Alex: Slipstream (2016)

Lu, Yi-Ting: Timelessness I: Individualism (2017)

Victoria Cheah: I watched her smile her hand

Cheah, Victoria: Unlike last month but like years ago... (2018)

Hindman, Dorothy: Tapping the Furnace (2006)

Hjalmarsson, Thrainn: Influence of buildings on musical tone (2013)

Gentile, Kate: stars covered in clouds of metal (2016)