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Simms, Bekah: “Everything is…... (207)

Zucker, Ben: Testimonies, Flaming Pasts (2016)

Brown, Simon Minard: when she cried i stopped breathing and... (2017)

Colak, Murat: SWAN

Papalexandri Alexandri Marianthi: Quartet for motors and resonant bodies (2013)

Weber, Monte: Music For Amplified Flower Pots (2016)

Nathaniel Haering: Cimmerian Isolation (2016)

Chan, Chin Ting: time, forward (2012)

Bailey, Christopher: Arc of Infinity (2006)

Keller, Derek: Fear…Ever Present (2004)

Nova, Olea: Dystopia (2016)

Fristensky, Louise (1987 - ): The Audacity (2016)