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Adamcyk, David | Di Castri, Zosha: Phonobellow (2015)

Ramage, Matthew: Angular Discourse (2014)

Powers, Chad: Unfinished Narcissism (2017)

Chan, Chin Ting: Crosswind (2013)

Wang, Lu: Cloud Intimacy (2016)

Bartholomew, Greg: Meleagro: Music for Thomas (2015)

Austin, Kevin Timothy: 13 Dreams of the Lotus (2014)

Gradone, Pierce: To Paint Their Madness (2016)

Bartholomew, Greg: In the Language of Meditation (2013)

Chan, Chin Ting: Drift (2016)

Hickman, Oliver: Bobby (2016)

Browne, Matthew: Ancient Machines (2011)