ICEcommons is a crowdsourced index of newly composed music. It is a searchable repository of the catalogues and works of emerging, established, published, and unpublished composers. By collecting the metadata (instrumentation, duration, composer name, title) of living composers’ works, coupled with the means of acquiring sheet music (links to score downloads, rental, and purchase sites), ICEcommons aggregates and organizes new scores into one place—an open, public library hosted by, through which performers, scholars, composers, and listeners can discover and obtain new works. With the help of performers and composers like you, ICEcommons will grow to become a vital programming resource for ensembles around the world.

ICEcommons launched its pilot season on August 15, 2015. The ICEcommons review process resulted in the selection of several works which have received or will receive performances on ICE programs:

Ann Cleare: the square of yellow light that is your window

David Coll: Said What Choice Spoken, for flute, percussion, and piano (2012)

Mauricio Pauly: The Threshing Floor (2014)

Monte Weber: Echo (2015)

Seth Cluett: Objects in Stillness (2006)

Camila Agosto: Listen to me as one listens to the rain (2016)

Sky Macklay: White/Waves (2015)

Timothy McCormack: traces that time leaves on built form (2012)

Monica Pearce: Kandinsky (2016)

Additional works will be selected by ICE member-curators throughout our seasons. 

Performances will be documented through HD video and audio and made available through ICE’s online library, DigitICE (after review by the composer and performers). Through partnering with ensembles and organizations in future seasons, the size and reach of ICEcommons will vastly expand, allowing ICE to continue to advocate for performances of rare and underrepresented works by emerging and lesser-known living composers. Submissions to ICEcommons will remain on so that ensembles and soloists around the world may program them. The PDF submissions will not be available to the public.

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