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Condon, Owen Clayton: Fractalia (2011)

Andres, Timo: Austerity Measures (2014)

Wolfe, Julia: Dark Full Ride (Part 2) (2002)

Skidmore, David: Trying (2014)

Harrison, Lou: Song of Quetzalcoatl (1941)

Skidmore, David: Common Patterns in Uncommon Time (2013)

Garland, Peter: Apple Blossom (1972)

Little, David T.: Haunt of Last Nightfall (2012)

Ligeti, Lukas: Pattern Transformation (1988)

Cage, John: Living Room Music-Excerpts (1949)

Tobias Broström: Twilight (2001)

Thomas, Agusta Read: Resounding Earth (2012)

Third Coast Percussion