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Gotlib, Jacob: A Sunless Room (2014)

Gotlib, Jacob: Portrait Sequence (Blanching Out) (2012)

Gotlib, Jacob: Ornamental Alphabets (2015)

Gotlib, Jacob: Year Without Summer (Daumenkino) (2011)

Gotlib, Jacob: The Ruined Edifice (2010)

King-Smith, Ted: Soundtrack of an Open Road (2015)

Macklay, Sky: Before There Was Backspace There Was No... (2011)

Macklay, Sky: Missing Parts of Moonspots (2011)

Macklay, Sky: Doppelgänger III (2014)

Macklay, Sky: The Braid (2014)

Macklay, Sky: Zoom In (2013)

Macklay, Sky: Doppelgänger I (2012)