2015 is the second year for metafields.org; a free publicly-curated archive of music and sonic arts. Designed to function as a hybrid of a record label and social media platforms like YouTube, metafields.org has three primary components.

The User

Users can search for content using sophisticated filters and queries. They can also provide feedback to our curators.

The Artists

Artists can submit their own work by filling clicking “submit.” Fill in as many fields as possible in order to preserve the integrity of the metadata and search functionality.

The Curators

Curators have several roles: review submissions for inclusion in the searchable archive, soliciting submissions from artists, adding their own artwork (if applicable), and finding new curators! Please contact metafields.org if you’d like to be a volunteer curator!

In an arts landscape filled with  confusing, ineffective distribution, metafields.org aims to make things simple and effective. It combines YouTube’s openness, an academic library’s searchability, and a record label’s curation. Guest curators grow the site’s assets and its public visibility. Guest curators also guarantee quality.  Every entry has at least two reputations standing behind it: the artist’s and the curator’s.  Metafields.org is a non-exclusive host, and work can exist in multiple places for maximum visibility and proliferation. But unlike the ephemeral nature of Facebook, the unlimited breadth of YouTube (kitties!), or the exclusivity of record labels, metafields.org is designed to do one thing above all: create a permanent, focused, and accessible archive of contemporary temporal arts.

Ross Karre, metafields.org founder